Rumors of evoting fraud

The net is awash with rumors of evoting fraud of the kind we have all been warning are possible. I don’t know if any of these rumors are true. I doubt it, but I will at least look at the analyses.

However, regardless of whether or not there is any truth to such rumors, I expect it is now completely impossible to kill them and restore the confidence of the people who are convinced by them. The rumors now have a life of their own.

Just as it is difficult or impossible to detect a well-executed hidden fraud without a voter-verified audit trail, it is also impossible to prove there is not one.


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  1. “you doubt it” To me doesnt sound right. If you feel that the data will be released Raw and untainted is naive. Why not let your skills got work and find out the “truth” behind these Flawed machines. Thanks

Comment by evelyn blake — Friday November 05, 2004 @ 9:35 am PST

  1. Could you either explain the basis for your comment that you doubt the rumors or remove that comment? Placing a priori expectations on the situation does not help impartiality. The way to be credible is to be impartial and that includes suspending both belief and disbelief – something which you correctly do in your last paragraph. I appreciate your efforts on this difficult topic and offer this suggestion as a way to improve the effectiveness of your work. Thank you.

Comment by Faun Otter — Friday November 05, 2004 @ 5:15 pm PST

  1. We all want to believe the best is possible and worst is not. But having lived overseas and lived through a voting fraud for president scheme where people lost their lives to retake their country I find it more probable than most that high-stakes elections may be tampered with. I know we want to think not in My America but we have our own history of voting fraud too. That being said it is important that we not make assumptions before we get the data and look at it. There seems to be a lot of smoke here enough to make one wonder where is the fire (if any). Thank you all for all your fine work – we need you and we appreciate you.