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— Jefferson @ 12:03 pm PST

Nevada isn’t the only place where Sequoia Edge machines with the VeriVote printer attachment will be used to create a voter-verified paper trail. One precinct in San Bernardino County, California will use them today, based on a one-time-only, one-place-only certification by the Secretary of State.

The VeriVote printer attachment does create a real, contemporaneous voter-verified paper trail, but it is fundamentally flawed because its reel-to-reel design preserves the order of votes cast on each machine, making it comparatively easy to reconstruct which voter cast which vote. Other major vendors are creating similar designs. For some reason there is little concern about this in the elections community, so watch for this design to be proposed for certification in your state.

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  1. Ugh! How revolting! Isn’t how you vote s’posed to be secret?!